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International Human Rights Instruments

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13 April 2017

Original: English

Common core document forming part of the reports of States parties

Cyprus *


Updated information from Cyprus

[Date received: 24 February 2017]


1.Under the Harmonized guidelines on reporting to the international human rights bodies (HRI/MC/2006/3), States are invited to keep their common core documents current and to update the common core document whenever they submit a treaty-specific document. Updates may be submitted in the form of an addendum to the existing common core document or a new revised version, depending on the extent of the changes which need to be incorporated.

2.The information that follows is transmitted by Cyprus as an updated addendum 2 to its common core document (HRI/CORE/CYP/2014, Distr. Date: 12 December 2016), submitted on 30 June 2014:

(a)Paragraph 24, final sentence (“By July 2015…”), replace the existing text with:

“By November 2016 the number of the enclaved had dwindled to a mere 410, mostly elderly, Greek (324) and Maronite (86) Cypriots.”

(b)Paragraph 41, replace the figure 4 % in line three, with the figure “2.8%” for the years 2010-20120.

(c)Paragraph 42, replace the existing text with:

“42.Given the negative developments in the economy, a significant negative economic growth was observed in 2013 and 2014 of the magnitude of 6.0% and 2.5%, respectively. In 2015 the rate of growth was risen by 1.7%. However, it should be noted that various Organisations and rating agencies had predicted a much deeper recession during those years. Given the significant deceleration of the economy, unemployment rose steeply, reaching around 16% in 2015, a rate considerably high for Cyprus.”

(d)Paragraph 43, replace the existing text with:

“The per capita GDP at purchasing power for 2015 stands at 81% of the European Union average (28 countries at the time).”

(k)Reface with the following text (Paragraph 147) within the final Chapter V (Latest developments in Cyprus question):

“Since May 2015, after the cessation of Turkey’s violations in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the elections in the T/C community, a new round of negotiations have started between the leaders of the two Communities, President Nikos Anastasiades and Mr. Mustafa Akinci. Up-to now, meetings between the leaders are very frequent. The negotiators continue to meet on an almost daily basis”.