United Nations


International Convention on the Elimination of A ll Forms of Racial Discrimination

Distr.: General

16 February 2012

Original: English

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Eight ieth session

13 February–9 March 2012

Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

List of themes to be taken up in connection with the consideration of the thirteenth to seventeenth periodic reports of Jordan (CERD/C/JOR/13-17)*

The following is a list of themes identified by the Country Rapporteur in connection with the consideration of the thirteenth to seventeenth periodic reports of Jordan. The list is meant to guide the dialogue between the State party delegation and the Committee and does not require written replies. This is not an exhaustive list as other issues will be raised in the course of the dialogue.

1.Data on the demographic composition in the State party:

(a)Comprehensive and disaggregated demographic data on the ethnic composition in the State party (CERD/C/JOR/13-17, paras. 1-2).

2.The Convention in domestic law and the legislative and policy framework for its implementation (arts. 1, 2, 4 and 6):

(a)Status of the Convention within the national legal order of the State party and specific examples of its application in national courts;

(b)Conformity of the State party’s Penal Code with articles 3, 4 and 5 (a) and (b) of the Convention (CERD/C/304/Add.59, para. 7);

(c)Complaints of racial discrimination received by the State party, specific actions undertaken to address them, and sanctions issued against perpetrators, as well as compensation provided to victims of such discrimination (CERD/C/JOR/13-17, paras. 5, 13, 14, 16-24, 26, 79-80);

(d)Measures to bring the State party’s laws on nationality into full compliance with article 5 (d)(iii) of the Convention, including information on instances of nationality being withdrawn (CERD/C/JOR/13-17, paras. 54-55).

3.Situation of non-citizens, including migrant workers, asylum-seekers and refugees (arts. 2, 5 and 6):

(a)Update on measures undertaken to ensure awareness-raising and effective application of the Interim Act No. 26 of 2010 amending the Labour Code to allow non-citizens to join trade unions (CERD/C/JOR/13-17, para. 72);

(b)Update on concrete measures undertaken to combat any ill-treatment of foreign workers, particularly migrant domestic workers;

(c)Legal framework for the protection of refugees and applicants for asylum.

4.Respect for the rights of religious minorities and descent-based discrimination (arts. 2, 5 and 7):

(a)Specific measures taken to protect the religious rights of ethnic minorities, including the Armenian, Baha’i, Chechen, Circassian and Kurdish minorities (CERD/C/JOR/13-17, paras. 1, 2 and 59).