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International Convention onthe Elimination of All Formsof Racial Discrimination

Distr.: General

27 July 2011

Original: English

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Seventy-ninth session

8 August–2 September 2011

Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

List of themes to be taken up in connection with the consideration of the eighth and ninth periodic reports of the Czech Republic (CERD/C/CZE/8-9)*

The following is a list of themes identified by the Country Rapporteur in connection with the consideration of the eighth and ninth periodic reports of the Czech Republic. The list is meant to guide the dialogue between the State party delegation and the Committee and does not require written replies. This is not an exhaustive list as other issues will be raised in the course of the dialogue.

1.Statistics on the composition of the population

(a)Updated information on the 2011 census, including data disaggregated by ethnicity as well as the results achieved in reviewing methods of data collection, to fully reflect the principle of self-identification (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7 para. 7; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 27).

2.Legal and institutional framework, policy and programmes for the implementation of the Convention (arts. 2, 4, 5 and 6)

(a) Update on concrete results achieved by the Anti-discrimination Act (CERD/C/CZE/CO/8-9, paras. 111-114).

(b)Additional measures taken, including by the police, to combat extremism, hate crimes and hate-motivated speech, such as in political circles and local communities. Progress made in implementing the Strategy on Combating Extremism (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 10; CERD/C/CZE//8-9, paras. 37-50).

(c)Update on the new legislation on acquisition and loss of Czech citizenship as well as the possibility of dual citizenship (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 18; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 59).

(d) Additional information on the work of the Agency for Social Inclusion and the National Centre for the Support of Inclusive Education (CERD/C/CZE/8-9, paras. 23-25).

(e)Additional information, including support and resourcing, for the Office of the Government Council for Human Rights and the Office of the Public Defender of Rights (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 19; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 26).

(f)Updated information on measures to combat discrimination and support integration of migrants. Update on the situation of migrants in detention centres (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 22; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 1; CAT/C/CR/32/2, para. 6 (m)).

3.Situation of the Roma community (arts. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)

(a)Measures taken to investigate and prosecute allegations of ill-treatment of minorities by the police as well as to ensure recruitment of minorities, including Roma, into the police. Update on the effectiveness of police inspection and the results achieved through the 2008-2012 Strategy for the Work of the Czech Force in Relation to Minorities (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, paras. 11-12; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 20).

(b)Efforts made to improve the situation of Roma women who face multiple forms of discrimination in several areas including education, employment, health, participation in public life and decision-making (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, paras. 13, 15 and 17; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 12).

(c)Concrete actions taken to provide reparation to Roma women who have been sterilized without their full and informed consent. Measures undertaken to sensitize medical personnel and the public and to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7 para. 14; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, paras. 78-82).

(d)Updated information on the situation of Roma children in the education system and the impact of the new Schools Act. Furthermore, measures taken to end segregation of Roma children and their enrolment in “special schools” (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 17; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, paras. 85-90).

(e)Update on the implementation of the Integrated Operational Programme and measures taken to reduce the number of existing segregated housing settlements. Progress made in promoting the right to housing of the Roma community and in protecting them from evictions (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 16; CERD/C/CZE/8-9, paras. 75-77).

(f)Concrete measures undertaken or envisaged to promote the employment of Roma, including in the public administration and institutions (CERD/C/CZE/CO/7, para. 15, CERD/C/CZE/8-9; paras. 71, 73-74).

(g)Updated information on the Government’s plans for the site of the Roma Holocaust at Lety (CERD/C/CZE/8-9, para. 100).