United Nations


Convention on the Rights of the Child

Distr.: General

12 August 2010

English, French and Arabic only

Committee on the Rights of the Child

Fifty - fourth session

25 May – 11 June 2010

Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under article 44 of the Convention

Concluding observations: Grenada


The section below paragraph 64 should read

10. Next report

65 . In the light of the recommendation on reporting periodicity adopted by the Committee and described in its reports CRC/C/114 and CRC/C/124, and noting that the fifth periodic report of the State party is due within two years of the consideration of its second periodic report, the Committee invites the State party to submit a consolidated third to sixth periodic report on 4 June 2016 (i.e. 18 months before the date established in the Convention for the submission of the sixth periodic report). This report should not exceed 120 pages (see CRC/C/118). The Committee expects the State party to report every five years thereafter, as foreseen by the Committee.

66 . The Committee also invites the State party to submit a core document in accordance with the requirements of the common core document in the Harmonized Guidelines on Reporting, approved by the fifth Inter-Committee meeting of the human rights treaty bodies in June 2006 (HRI/MC/2006/3).