Public Prosecutor’s Office

National Police Board

You have the right to

know what it is you are suspected of and why you are being detained

receive the aid of a defence attorney who under certain conditions can be paid by the state

receive the assistance of an interpreter during interrogations, as needed

receive food and rest as needed

receive health and medical care as needed or by your own request be examined by a doctor, unless it is apparent that a medical examination is unnecessary

receive assistance in notifying any of your close relatives or someone else particularly close to you about where you are as soon as this can be done without compromising the investigation.

If you are not a Swedish citizen, you have the right to demand that your own country’s consulate or equivalent institution be notified of your detainment and that messages from you be forwarded there.

What is going to happen?

An interrogation will be held with you as soon as possible.

If you are not taken into custody, you are normally obligated to remain for interrogation for a maximum of six hours. In exceptional cases, you may be obligated to remain for a further six hours.

As soon as possible after the interrogation, you will be released unless the prosecutor decides that you should be taken into custody.

If the prosecutor takes you into custody then the prosecutor is obligated to verify continuously that there are grounds for your continued detention.

If you are not released, the prosecutor must, as soon as possible and no later than at noon on the third day following the decision to take you into custody, request that a court try whether you are to remain in detention. If the prosecutor decided to take you into custody prior to you being detained, the time is then measured from when you were detained instead.

If the prosecutor requests a court trial, you will be notified of this at once.

The court must examine the matter of your detention as soon as possible and no later than 96 hours following you having been arrested or otherwise detained.

If you are detained due to a request from another country, other rules may apply for the court’s examination of your detention.

If anything is unclear regarding this information, you can contact the police.

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