Loans without Collateral* 2



Amount 3

Number of Loans


Number of Loans


3 972 708 868

1 148 241

15 121 028 633

1 522 130


2 798 096 349

1 075 272

9 037 289 582

1 564 263


6 770 805 217

2 223 513

24 158 318 215

3 086 393

2Loans without Collateral* - Loans which aren’t collateralized with movable property/real estate or Cash.

3Amounts presented in Georgian Lari.

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162.The pre-school education is decentralized. Municipalities offer free full services (including meals) in public kindergartens for children aged 2–6 years. Up to 50 non‑Georgian language kindergartens operate in the country. In 2017–2022, the construction/rehabilitation of kindergartens in the regions was funded with approximately 63 million GEL.

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163.Access to relevant social benefits (pension, compensation, social package, subsistence allowance, etc.) to different categories of women is ensured under the relevant state programs and funds. The GoG plans to develop a Social Code which will cover directions and schemes of social protection, such as social benefits, including IDP allowances, healthcare, pensions, issues regarding PWDs, employment, etc.

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164.The Universal Health Care (UHC) program envisages universal access to healthcare services for all citizens of Georgia. UHC Program covers: planned ambulatory care, emergency outpatient and inpatient care, elective surgery, cardio surgery, chemo-radio-hormone therapy, delivery and C-section, infectious diseases, transplantation of liver, bone marrow and stem cells. UHC program beneficiaries are: persons holding identity card of Georgia, neutral identity card, neutral travel document, also persons without citizenship having stateless status in Georgia, asylum seekers in Georgia, refugees and persons with humanitarian status. In addition to the universal health program the health needs of the population are covered by 24 vertical programs.

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165.Georgia has a well-developed anti-discrimination legal framework which covers discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE). In 2020, Georgia has adopted the first-ever policy document on SOGI rights as part of the National Human Rights Action Plan.

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166.Law of Georgia on Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories of Georgia and other legal acts regulate the legal status of IDPs, the grounds and procedure for granting, terminating, withdrawing and restoring the IDP status, legal, economic and social guarantees of IDPS.

167.Acquiring an IDP status is voluntary. IDP enjoys all the rights of a citizen of Georgia, including the right to choose housing, benefit from state and other programmes of social protection, healthcare and education, freedom of economic activity and access to financial resources, right to participate in elections, etc. The legislation prohibits discrimination against IDPs in exercising their rights and freedoms. IDPs are integrated into targeted social assistance and vocational education state programmes.

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168.In accordance with the Law of Georgia “on the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons”, a temporary identification card is issued to asylum seeker, and a person under international protection. The regulation provides for the issuance of identity documents to any person regardless gender.

169.Asylum seekers rejected by administrative body or first instance Court, inter alia on the ground of national security, have right to appeal rendered decision. Subsequently, they maintain all relevant rights and legal guarantees of asylum seeker upon appealing the given decision, before the final decision of the Court enter into force.

170.These identity documents allow a person to use various state funded and private sector services.

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171.There is a treatment program for alcohol and drug addicts which provides for: inpatient detoxification and primary rehabilitation for mental and behavioural disorders caused by the use of opioids, stimulants and other psychoactive substances; implementation of replacement therapy; psychosocial rehabilitation; inpatient services for mental and behavioural disorders caused by alcohol consumption, etc.

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172.Upon receiving relevant information about the cases with the alleged motive of intolerance based on the grounds of discrimination, the MIA commences an investigation. From the initial stage, upon receiving the notification about the crime, the HRPIQMD monitors the criminal procedure for such cases.

173.Regarding the mentioned crimes, the data is collected by MIA, the PSG, the Supreme Court and the National Statistics Service, in accordance with the international standards, in line with the unified methodology, based on the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 2020 and is publicly available in Georgian and English languages.

174.It should be noted that from the cases monitored by MIA, as of 2021, a sign of sexual orientation was identified in 58 cases, and a sign of gender identity in 48 cases.

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175.As of January 1, 2017, all exceptional provisions allowing the marriage of a person under 18 were cancelled; now, marriage is permitted only for a person above 18. In addition, awareness-raising activities are systematically carried out to prevent early marriage.

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176.According to Article 1152 of the Civil Code, in domestic relations the spouses shall have equal personal and property rights and shall bear equal responsibilities.

177.Under Articles 1158 and 1160 of the Code, any property acquired by the spouses during their marriage shall be treated as their joint property (communal property) and the right to such property shall arise even if one of the spouses ran the household, took care of the children or did not have an independent income for any other valid reason.

178.As for the intestacy, the decedent’s spouse shall be considered as one of the first degree heirs along with the children of the deceased. The surviving spouse’s right of inheritance shall not apply to the part of the estate to which he/she is entitled from the communal property.

179.For facilitating land registration and supporting women to become land owners, in 2022 National Agency of Public Registry conducted a number of activities: meetings with the population of 59 municipalities where local women actively participated; meetings with public school female teachers in 7 regions of Georgia; Information on systematic land registration was also circulated in all 59 municipalities determined by systematic land registration. A video was also created and broadcast on both central and regional TV channels of the country.

180.As of November 2022, women amount to 48.7% percent of those who own land in Georgia.

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181.See reply to paragraphs: 9 (a), (b), (c).