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International Convention on the Elimination of A ll Forms of Racial Discrimination

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20 July 2010

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Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Seventy-s event h session

2–27 August 2010

Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

List of themes to be taken up in connection with the consideration of the eighteenth and nineteenth periodic reports of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CERD/C/IRN/18 - 19)

The following is a list of themes identified by the Country Rapporteur in connection with the consideration of the eighteenth and nineteenth periodic reports of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The list is meant to guide the dialogue between the State party delegation and the Committee and does not require written replies . This is not an exhaustive list as other issues will be raised in the course of the dialogue.

1.Scarcity of reliable demographic indicators and composition of the population

(a)Estimate of the ethnic composition of the population, including of the Arabs in Khuzestan. Disaggregated information on social and economic indicators pertaining to the various ethnic groups on the progress made in eliminating discrimination and the methodology of collecting such information through censuses and social surveys, and data on languages, mother tongues, etc.

2.Legal and institutional framework (arts. 1, 2)

(a)Measures taken by the State party to bring the definition of racial discrimination contained in its domestic law in full conformity with article 1, paragraph 1, of the Convention (CERD/C/63/CO/6, para. 11);

(b)Update on the progress achieved by the State party in the development of a National Human Rights Institution, in line with the Paris Principles (General Assembly resolution 48/134, annex);

(c)More detailed information on the legislation referred to in the State party’s report which will be “removing any kind of ethnical and group discrimination in the legal and judicial realm”(CERD/C/IRN/18-19, paras. 20 and 21).

3.Equality before the law in the enjoyment of cultural, economic and cultural rights with regard to certain groups (arts. 1, 5, 7)

(a)Specific measures undertaken to prevent and eradicate discriminatory practices, harassment of certain groups, including Baluchis, Azeris, Kurds and Arabs. The Committee notes reports, submitted during the recent universal periodic review exercise, of land confiscation of Baloch people, lack of political representation of the Arabs, and discrimination in employment under the gozinesh criteria (A/HRC/WG.6/7/IRN/3, paras. 15 and 66-70);

(b)Action taken by the State party on the Committee’s recommendation that students of different origins be permitted to register in universities without being compelled to state their religion (CERD/C/63/CO/6, para. 14);

(c) Additional information on the mandate and functions of the Special National Committee for the Promotion of the Rights of Religious Minorities (CERD/C/63/CO/6, para. 14);

(d)Clarification of the concept of “ethnic regions” utilized in the report of the State party (CERD/C/IRN/18-19, para. 129).

4.Administration of justice, judicial recourse and compensation (art. 6)

(a)Clarification on which governmental institution is in charge of combating racial discrimination, as well as on which institution is equipped to receive and deal with complaints from victims of racial discrimination. Further details on the cases mentioned in paragraph 173 of the State party’s report (CERD/C/IRN/18-19, paras. 163 and 174);

(b)Information on the effective enforcement of legislation concerning the eradication of all incitement to, or acts of, racial discrimination (CERD/C/63/CO/6, para. 12);

(c)Action taken on the Committee’s request that the State party include in its next periodic report statistical information on complaints lodged, prosecutions launched and penalties imposed in cases of offences which relate to racial or ethnic discrimination (CERD/C/63/CO/6, para. 16);

(d)Information on the application of the 1985 Press Act to combat racial discrimination and the compliance of the State party’s legislation with article 4 (b) of the Convention (CERD/C/63/CO/6, para. 12);

(e)Disaggregated data by age, sex and ethnic origin of convicted persons in detention and prison facilities.

5.Consultation with civil society

(a)Information on whether the State party’s reports have been made available to the public from the time they are submitted and if the last concluding observations adopted by the Committee, following the consideration of the report of the State Party in 2003, were publicized in all minority languages (CERD/C/63/CO/6, paras. 17 and 21).