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International Covenant on Civil and Political R ights

Distr.: General

1 September 2020

Original: English

Human Rights Committee

Report on follow-up to the concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee *

1.The Committee, in accordance with article 40 (4) of the Covenant, may prepare follow-up reports based on the various articles and provisions of the Covenant with a view to assisting States parties in fulfilling their reporting obligations. The present report, comprising the present document and four addenda (CCPR/C/128/3/Adds.1–4), has been prepared pursuant to that article.

2.The addenda contain summaries of the information received by the Special Rapporteur for follow-up to concluding observations, and the Committee’s evaluations and decisions adopted during its 128th session. The status of the follow-up to concluding observations adopted by the Committee since its 105th session, held in July 2012, is outlined in a table available on the Committee’s web page. A summary of the assessment criteria is provided below.

A Reply/action largely satisfactory: The State party has provided evidence of significant action taken towards the implementation of the recommendation made by the Committee.

B Reply/action partially satisfactory: The State party has taken steps towards the implementation of the recommendation, but additional information or action remains necessary.

C Reply/action not satisfactory: A response has been received, but action taken or information provided by the State party is not relevant or does not implement the recommendation.

D No cooperation with the Committee: No follow-up report has been received after the reminder(s).

E Information or measures taken are contrary to or reflect rejection of the recommendation .