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International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

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2 March 2017

Original: English

English, French, Russian and Spanish only

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Ninety-second session

24 April-12 May 2017

Item 4 of the provisional agenda

Consideratio n of reports, comments and information submitted by States parties under article 9 of the Convention

List of themes in relation to the combined tenth and eleventh periodic reports of the Republic of Moldova

Note by the Country Rapporteur

1.The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination decided at its seventy-sixth session (see A/65/18, para. 85) that the Country Rapporteur would send to the State party concerned a short list of themes with a view to guiding and focusing the dialogue between the State party’s delegation and the Committee during the consideration of the State party’s report. The present document contains a list of such themes. It is not an exhaustive list; other issues may also be raised in the course of the dialogue. No written replies are required.

The Convention in domestic law and the institutional and policy framework for its implementation (arts. 1, 2, 4 and 6)

2.Updated statistical data from the 2014 census, or more recent sources, on the ethnic composition of the population disaggregated by gender, age, religion, ethnic group and nationality; detailed information on the enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights by various ethnic groups, including the Roma and numerically smaller groups (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 58-67; CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 8).

3.Updated information on measures taken to strengthen the legal framework on racial discrimination and their impact (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 81-90); detailed information on the implementation and impact of the Equality Act No. 121 of 25 May 2012 on the situation of ethnic minorities (CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 9; CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 69-82).

4.Information on the strategy on the consolidation of inter-ethnic relations for the period 2017-2027.

5.Further detailed information on amendments to the criminal law provisions on civil rights violations and article 346 (on incitement to national, ethnic, racial or religious hatred, discrimination or discord), to combat racial discrimination, and the impact of those amendments on the situation of ethnic minorities (CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 10; CERD/C/MDA/10-11, para. 83).

6.Information on legislative provisions that prohibit the dissemination of ideas based on racial superiority or hatred, incitement to racial discrimination and acts of violence, on organizations that promote and incite racial discrimination and on the implementation and impact of such provisions (see article 4 of the Convention).

7.Detailed information and updated statistical data on the number of complaints of racial discrimination registered and on the number of perpetrators prosecuted and convicted; updated information on the number of complaints of racial discrimination filed with the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality and of cases referred to the national courts by the Council and detailed information on action taken by the national courts on those referrals; information on the allocation to the Council of sufficient resources to fulfil its mandate (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 79-80 and 92-99).

8.Information on measures taken to resolve the impediments to the implementation of the Convention in Transnistria (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, para. 228).

9.Information on the work of the Ombudsman (appointed pursuant to the People’s Advocate (Ombudsman) Act No. 52 of 3 April 2014) as it relates to the Convention; information on efforts to bring the Ombudsman’s Office in line with the principles relating to the status of national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights (the Paris Principles) and on the allocation of sufficient resources to allow the Office to fulfil its mandate (CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 12; CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 117-123).

Situation of ethnic minorities (arts. 2, 4 and 5)

10.Information on measures taken to address the reported promulgation of racist stereotypes and hate speech in the media and the political sphere against members of minority groups, including the Roma, Muslims, Jews, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and the impact of such measures (CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 17).

11.Updated information on measures taken to guarantee the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion of minority religious groups; information on measures taken to prevent intimidation and discrimination against religious minority groups and to prevent harassment by law enforcement officers; statistical data on the number of such complaints registered and of perpetrators prosecuted and convicted (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 142-155; CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 14).

12.Information on measures taken to promote minority languages and to uphold the right to choose one’s language of education and to choose the language for communicating with the State, including public institutions and administrative bodies (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 221-227).

13.Information on measures taken to ensure that ethnic minorities are represented at all levels of public and political life, in particular in the central Government; information on the implementation of article 24 of Act No. 382-XV of 19 July 2001 on the proportional representation of ethnic minorities at all levels of the executive and the judiciary (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 228-237; CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 16).

14.Updated information on the implementation and impact of measures to ensure that members of the Roma community, including children and women, have access without discrimination to health care, education, employment, adequate housing and basic services; information on measures to protect the Roma community from discrimination and xenophobia, including discrimination by law enforcement officials (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 156-208).

15.Updated information on progress made in adopting and implementing the new plan of action to support the ethnic Roma population, including information on the allocation of sufficient resources for its implementation (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 207-208).

Situation of non-citizens, including stateless persons, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (arts. 5 and 7)

16.Statistical data on the number of non-citizens, including stateless persons, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the State party.

17.Updated information on measures taken to ensure that non-citizens have access without discrimination to employment, housing, health care and basic services, and the impact of such measures (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 124-141).

18.Updated information on the development of the national migration and asylum strategy for the period 2016-2020, including on any measures in the strategy aimed at implementing the rights in the Convention for asylum seekers and refugees (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, para. 137).

Training, education and other measures to combat prejudice and intolerance (art. 7)

19.Information on recent training sessions on the prevention of racial discrimination and the rights enshrined in the Convention conducted for law enforcement officers, judges and lawyers, as well as representatives of State bodies, local government entities and associations (CERD/C/MDA/10-11, paras. 106-116; CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 11); further information on educational campaigns and training sessions on ending stereotypes and promoting respect for diversity held for politicians, media professionals and members of religious groups, and the impact of such trainings on the situation of minorities (CERD/C/MDA/CO/8-9, para. 17).