United Nations


Convention on the Rights of the Child

Distr.: General

13 August 2012

Original: English

Committee on the Rights of the Child

Sixty- third session

27 May–14 June 2013

Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

List of issues concerning additional and updated information related to the consideration of the third and fourth combined periodic report of Uzbekistan (CRC/C/UZB/3-4)

The State party is requested to submit in writing additional updated information if possible by 1 February 2013.

The Committee may take up all aspects of children’s rights contained in the Convention during the dialogue with the State party.

Part I

In this section, the State party is requested to submit its responses to the following questions (30 pages maximum).

1.Please provide information on direct application and judicial rulings, if any, on the incorporation of Convention into the State party’s national law. In doing so, please also provide information on measures, if any, taken to ensure that the judges apply the principles and provisions of the Convention in judicial proceedings affecting children.

2.Please provide more information on the mandate and the resources allocated to the human rights ombudsman, including on whether it is mandated to receive complaints from children as recommended in the Committee’s previous concluding observations of 2006 (see CRC/C/UZB/CO/2, para. 12). Also, please update the Committee on the envisaged establishment of a children’s ombudsman as mentioned in paragraph 12 of the State party’s periodic report (CRC/C/UZB/3-4). Further, please provide information on the number of complaints from children received by either mechanism and on their results.

3.Please provide detailed updated information on comprehensive measures taken by the State party to combat corruption.

4.Please provide information on measures taken by the State party to establish a comprehensive system for the collection and analysis of data covering all areas of the Convention that is, inter alia, disaggregated according to sex, age, ethnic origin, geographic location, disabilities and socioeconomic background.

5.Please provide detailed updated information on the status of the draft legislation for raising the marriageable age for girls to 18 years.

6.With reference to the State party’s report (CRC/C/UZB/3-4, para. 391) to the Committee, please provide specific details on the criteria and determination process for the State party establishing the extent to which a “child`s freedom to have and express opinions may be limited according to the procedure established by law”.

7.Please provide information on the reasons for placement in residential or alternative care being the predominant means of dealing with children deprived of a family environment. In doing so, please also provide specific information on:

(a)The assessment, decision-making and placement procedure, standards and protocols for the placement of children in alternative care;

(b)Inspection, review and contact with parents;

(c)Complaint mechanisms available to children for cases of abuse, violence and/or maltreatment in the context of residential and/or alternative care.

8.Please provide detailed information on the State party’s criteria and practical procedures to “prevent the birth of children with grave and disabling developmental defects” as stated in paragraph 746 of the State party’s report.

9.Please provide updated, detailed information on the specific measures undertaken by the State party to address the issues of access, affordability and quality related to education, as acknowledged by the State party in paragraph 820 of its report to the Committee.

10.Please provide detailed information on the measures, if any, taken by the State party to implement International Labour Organization Convention No. 138 (1973) concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment and Convention No. 182 (1999) concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour. In doing so, please provide specific information on effective time-bound measures, if any, to eradicate the forced labour of, or hazardous work by, children under 18 years in cotton production, including in family-run cotton farms.

11.Please provide updated information on any measures undertaken by the State party to establish a juvenile justice system.

Part II

In this section, the State party is to briefly (three pages maximum) update the information provided in its report with regard to:

(a)Newly implemented policies, programmes and plans and their scope;

(b)Newly established institutions or institutional reforms and the respective mandates;

(c)Newly developed training programmes for professionals working with children;

(d)Newly enacted bills and their regulations; and

(e)Newly ratified human rights instruments.

Part III

Data, statistics and other information, if available

1.Please provide data, including the rates of occurrence and prosecution of offenders, on racially motivated attacks against children in situations of ethnic minority or migration.

2.Please provide data on the number of children separated from their families. In doing so, please include information on:

(a)The reasons for the separation;

(b)The type of placement allocated;

(c)The body/organization providing such placement; and

(d)The duration of such placement.

3.Please provide data, disaggregated by age, sex, ethnic origin and socioeconomic status, on cases of violence in the family and other settings, including schools and alternative care settings.

4.Please specify the number of children with disabilities, up to the age of 18, disaggregated by age, sex, type of disability and socioeconomic background covering the years 2010, 2011 and 2012:

(a)Living with their families;

(b)Living in institutions;

(c)Placed in foster care;

(d)Attending regular schools;

(e)Attending special schools; and

(f)Not attending school.

5.Please provide data, disaggregated by age, sex, ethnic origin and socioeconomic status, on cases of exploitation of children, including in the context of economic and sexual exploitation. In doing so, please provide specific information on rates of prosecutions, if any, of persons involved in the forced labour of children in the cotton industry.

6.In addition, the State party may list areas affecting children that it considers to be of priority with regard to the implementation of the Convention.