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Convention on the Elimination of A ll Forms of Discrimination against Women

Distr.: General

10 December 2012

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Committee on the Elimination of

Discrimination against Women

Fifty-fourth session

11 February – 1 March 2013

List of issues and questions with regard to the consideration of periodic reports: Hungary


Replies of Hungary to the list of issues to be taken up in connection with the consideration of its combined seventh and eighth periodic reports


1.Paragraph 83

At the end of the paragraph , insert

For domestic grant funding for students of Roma origin see annex no. 4, in the appendix; for EU grants funding for students of Roma origin, see annex no. 5, in the appendix and for performance of girls and boys in public education, see annex no. 6, in the appendix.

2. Paragraphs 96 to 100

Delete paragraphs 96 to 100.